Raptor Side Quiver deluxe

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Tired of hard-to-use quivers or added weight on your bow? If so, the Raptor Side Quiver is the answer!  This is a fast, functional quiver in a simple-to-use, convenient design.

Designed to be used under hunting conditions (including brushy and wet conditions), it can be worn with a backpack or fanny pack without getting in the way.  This quiver holds six arrows and broadheads slide into a replaceable foam hood in the front of the quiver.  A saddle cloth hood slides over the feathers to protect them from moisture. The body of the quiver is made from quality Latigo leather to last a lifetime and a sheepskin lining ensures easy, quiet removal of arrow from the quiver. The Y yolk is made from an elk antler burl and the strap adjustments are made from deer antler tines. Body of quiver is laced with elk hide as well to give it that one of a kind look.

Can be made right or left handed , please specify 

Color is brown.

Note, each one is custom made 1 at a time therefore wont ship right away.


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