Zwickey Broadheads, Cliff Zwickey (2 blade, glue-on) pack of three.

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After more than 70 years, Zwickey’s classic barbed broadhead is back! First designed and manufactured by Cliff Zwickey in 1939, only a few thousand were made, but now they are back. The triple-thick tip with special heat treating resists curling  . No vents for deadly quiet arrow flight.

Standard 5° point taper and fits 11/32″ and 23/64″ arrow shafts.
Ferrule is 11/32″.
Measures 1-3/16″ x  2-13/16″ cutting diameter.
Weighs 140 grains.
Two-blade broadhead, glue on only.
Sold by the 3-pack only.


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