60-65# Eagle Arrows – Douglas Fir, brown cap

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One dozen 60-65# Eagles, made with Sitka Spruce shafts, (tapered back 10")Brown cap with black and gold cresting. Feathers are the 5" shield cut with gray barred cock feather with white hens. 

At Raptor Archery, we cut the arrows to your draw length.  we measure the shaft between the string groove in the nock and the back of the point. When ordering, choose the length that we should cut to, in an increment of 0.5 inches. Custom arrows come standard with field points installed, but broadheads can be installed at no extra charge if purchased at time of order. Please designate the weight of the field point between 125 and 160 grains.

If you need help determining your draw length or understanding the weight you need, just give us a call at: 541-467-2777


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