Dacron B-50 Bow String


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We craft our bow strings by hand .  Using the reverse-twist method, we bring together two separate bundles of Dacron cord, each twisted individually and then together in one direction.  This gives the entire group of bundles added strength and durability for its weight.  This method holds together better than a simple string, and helps give your bow string the properties you’re looking for:  light weight, strength, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to water. Dacron has a small amount of stretch to it  so it is a good string for older recurves that are not Fast Flight compatible.


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String Length

50 inch, 52 inch, 54 inch, 56 inch, 58 inch, 60 inch, 62 inch, 64 inch, 66 inch, 68 inch, 70 inch


Brown/Black, Red/Black, Yellow/Black


Recurve, Longbow


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