A quiver is a receptacle for holding arrows, and these useful arrow holders have been in existence for millennia. In archaeological records, anywhere you find use of arrows, or sometimes darts, you’re likely to find some variant of quivers present too. Early quivers were typically made of different forms of animal hides, cloth, or sometimes carved out of light wood. Most have some form of strap, though there are quivers that can be set stably on the ground too. For help selecting a quiver, click here.

The Raptor Side Quiver™. Designed to be used in hunting situations, Raptor Archery’s handcrafted, custom-designed side quiver can be worn with a backpack or fanny pack without getting in the way. This quiver holds six arrows; broadheads slide into a replaceable foam hood in the front of the quiver, and a wool sock over the feathers protects them from moisture. For more information, click here.

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