Raptor Archery offers many different options and choices for custom arrows, however for those not sure what you are looking for we offer arrows on our arrows in stock page that are ready to cut to length, install points and ship them out, and of course if you need assistance or have questions please contact us either by phone at 541-467-2777 or Email.

The Falcon: A beautiful, handcrafted arrow with no frills, we do not make custom Falcons, please refer to in stock Falcon arrows and you can choose from a large inventory of finished Falcon arrows that are in stock and ready to ship.

The Hawk: An arrow made to be seen, both in flight as well as in your target. Your choice of shafting, nock color, and feather color as well as shape of feather. Your choice of Crown dip color and choice of cresting color.

The Eagle: The Eagle comes with the same color options as the Hawk Arrows but it all comes on a tapered back 10″ shafting to enhance weight forward and arrow paradox recovery.

The Raven: A truly handcrafted arrow designed to fill the need for a more classic or primitive arrow. A beautiful hand crafted self nock that has a reinforced hardwood inlay. Please specify if you are using Dacron or modern string material such as Fast Flight so that we can custom fit the nock to fit your string. Same feather shape and color choice as well as shafting.

Finished Handcrafted Wood Arrows: In stock and ready to ship!

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