Raptor Archery carries premium-quality arrow shafts. We offer both parallel and tapered varieties, in matched dozens only. To maintain a high-level of quality and consistency across the shafts in your order, we cut each shaft to the same specified length and taper them specifically for the point and nock that you use. The tapered shaft is made to the back 10-inches of the shaft to reduce the mass in the back of the arrow and move more of the weight to the forward 1/3 of the arrow to enhance recovery from paradox and to stabilize the arrow in flight more quickly.

In general, raw arrow shafts are sold two ways: in bulk and in matched dozens. The trouble with sourcing your raw arrow shafts in builk is inconsistency across your arrows. Bulk shafting is spined mechanically to 5# increments (i.e. 50-55# or 55-60#), but in a box of 100 shafts of the same wood and spine weight, you may still have a 200-grain difference in mass weight. To guard against this, we do the sorting ourselves to ensure that the mass weight is within plus or minus 10 grains mass weight and 5 pounds deflection.

All this adds up to consistency across your arrows. Wood shafts from Raptor Archery are:

  • Parallel or tapered
  • Cut to your specified length
  • Tapered for your point and nock length
  • Hand-spined to 5# increments
  • Mass weighted within + or -10 grains

Raw wood shafting by Raptor Archery. For finished arrows, click here.

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