Fast Flight Bow String

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We craft these Fast Flight Bow Strings by hand .  Using the Flemish Twist method, we bring together two separate bundles of synthetic Fast Flight string, each twisted individually and then together in one direction.  This gives the entire group of bundles added strength and durability for its weight.  This method holds together better than a simple string, and helps give your bow string the properties you’re looking for:  light weight, strength, resistance to abrasion, and resistance to water.

Fast Flight string is a synthetic string made from a durable and light-weight polyethylene material called Spectra.  The string is unlikely to break from normal use and has a strength of just over 100 lbs.  The average archer will use 16  strands per string.  The Fast Flight material has very little stretch ,  the stretch should reach its maximum amount in less than 25 shots. Make sure your bow is Fast Flight compatible, not recommended for older model recurves.

Specify length, color and type (recurve or longbow).  Choose:  Brown/Black or Red/Black

50" / Brown/Black / Longbow - $17.50

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