Tapered Douglas Fir Shafts (weight matched)

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Douglas Fir shafts make very tough, durable arrows; they are are lighter than Ash or Hickory, but a little heavier than Cedar or Spruce. The tapering is done one at a time by us here at Raptor Archery, 

A properly-spined parallel shaft will fly perfectly well, but when you shoot a tapered arrow for the first time, you’ll feel a difference. Tapered shafts offer several advantages over parallel shafts:

  • Improved arrow flight. A tapered arrow will recover from paradox more quickly if there is less weight or mass at the tail.
  • Heavy front of center . When set up correctly, a tapered arrow will move the balance point forward, offering improved stability.
  • Better penetration capabilities on game due to improved arrow flight.

All our tapered shafts are premium quality.  They are hand-tapered back 10″ and hand-spined in 5# increments, with grain-weight matched to 10 grains. Available in 40# to 60# weights in 11/32tapered to 5/16"diameter over 60# in 23/64" tapered to 5/16". Please call us if your spine weight is over 75#. Available as a dozen only.

 Your Choices for Ordering

1.  Spine Weight

Refers to the stiffness of your arrow, or how much the arrow resists being bent. When determining your spine weight, consider:  the stiffness of the shaft material, the length of the shaft and the weight of the tip (i.e. arrowhead, field point, etc).

2.  Arrow Length from Back of Point

This is the measurement from the back of your point through the insert on the nock of your arrow.  It should be slightly longer than your draw length, so that when you have your arrow in full draw, the point of your arrow extends beyond the shelf of your bow.

Spine Weight Options*
Arrow Length Options*

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