Bowstrings & Silencers

Add a simple silencer to quiet your bow string.  Or consider a new string for a quieter, better performing bow.

If you order a string from us, know that we craft our bow strings by hand . Using the reverse-twist ( Flemish) method, we bring together two separate bundles of  either Dacron or Fast Flight, each twisted individually and then together in one direction. This gives the entire group of bundles added strength and durability for its weight. This method holds together well and is more adjustable to fine tune your brace height . This also helps give your bow string the properties you’re looking for: light weight, strength and resistance to abrasion.


How often to replace a bow string?

Replacement time varies per user, but generally, we recommend that you inspect the condition of your string regularly to ensure that it delivers the best possible performance. Keep an eye out for badly frayed sections or broken strands, particularly around the bead and at the ends. If you have serving on your string, watch to see that it is not unravelling or spreading apart, as these are indicators that it's time to replace the string.

Finally, as your string ages, it will stretch out. This is reflected in the string lengthening your draw length, so if you're feeling that your anchor point is shifting, we recommend taking a look at the string.

How to prolong the life of the string?

Most new strings come with a wax coating preapplied. But for those of us who use our bows regularly or who take our bows out into the weather, we should think about additional protection. We recommend you apply a standard string wax and then take a rag and rub it up and down the string to heat the wax up so that it soaks into the string. Doing this will tremendously increase the life of your string.

What to do if a string breaks?

You'll know it your string breaks while you're shooting, as your bow may leap out of your hands. In general, we try to avoid this, but just the same, it happens... and sometimes, it happens in the field. The best measure against this is preventative maintenance.

We can help by sizing up a new string and even restring your bow if you need. If your string breaks in the field, you may not be so lucky so you may want to carry a backup.