For those of you that want the enjoyment of crafting your own self bow, but are not comfortable with layout and taking to one growth ring, we offer pre-roughed out staves. Follow this link to view our introductory video to bow building.

Raptor Archery carries a full selection of raw materials for building your own bow.  From staves and billets to every facet of your bow, including:  handles, backing, take down kits, tips and strings, we have an assortment of supplies that will make your bow unique.   We offer classes to help you get started, either introductory bow building classes or intermediate bow building, if you're looking for a more-challenging build.

Having built hundreds of bows in our shop, we've seen a lot of combinations and no two bows ever look exactly alike.  The work is rewarding and the time is well spent when you feel the smooth release of an arrow from your bow or you take  your first animal with equipment that you've made yourself.